Haiku Salut Lamp Show – Wirksworth

Haiku Salut Lamp Show, with Grawlix, at Wirksworth Town Hall, 28th September 2018 On the way down to Wirksworth, my companion, El Jefe, remarked on how tired he was and the likelihood of dozing off. I suggested that given the ambient nature of Haiku Salut’s brand of folk/electronica, that perhaps the auditorium would be filled with comfy […]


Buxton Fringe: Sabbatical

My fringing has ground to a halt, and so must this blog for the time being. I hope to be back online middle/end of next week.  Thanks to everyone who has read the blog so far, it’s been a blast.  Tips for the next few days: The Marriage Of Kim K is superb, absolute stand-out […]